If You Have Own Car, You Must Have 3 Things

 If you car owner, and if you want to save the expenses of car, you must have, 3 things 

1. pressure checker

It will help you to maintain your car wheel pressure in balance. This meter will show what is current pressure of your car wheel. It must be between 25 to 30 not less than this. If less and you did not check, and you will drive, it is sure, your car will give less mileage and consume more fuel. Today rate of petrol is Rs. 110 and diesel is Rs. 100. So, respect your money and start saving by buying it. Its cost is just Rs. 150 and buy it from market. 

2. Foot Pump

It must in your home because if you check with pressure meter that your air pressure in your car wheel is less, you can use it for fulfill its shortage. It helps also to diagnosis the puncture of your car Tyre. 

3. battery charger

If you have kept your car for week or 1 month, it is sure, your battery have not electricity and you must charge it buy battery charger. Its cost is Rs. 2000 buy it in market because if it will stop in any alone place, it will very difficult for you to carry the car in home and cost will be very big. 

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