How to Install Remote Alert Alarm in Car

 Recently, my street kids broke my light and I have paid about Rs. 500 for this. This is not first time, this is next chance when I have paid this, so, I decided to install remote alert alarm. so, this time, I teach how to install it

1. Buy it with cost of 1500

Just go to car accessories shop in your city and buy remote alert alarm. As per value, it is not costly. Tomorrow, I captured thief with this alert alarm. So, you must buy it. If you are unable to finding it your city, just search google.

2. Attach it with your Car Battery

Now, second step is to attach it with car battery. You know where is your car battery, it is above and near your car engine. Red wire attach with + side of your car battery and black wire should attach with your - side of car battery. Now, current will get this alarm all the time.

3. use your Remote Left Key to on

Left key will activate the alert alarm. You have to on with your remote. If you will not active by on it, your alert alarm will not work. It has sensor if anyone will touch your car, it will speak loud

please away from the car

4. Take the test

After activating the remote key, take test. Touch hand, and it will start speak, if not check your battery, it may be down.

Off the alert alarm by using right key of your remote.

Video Tutorial

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