How to Fill Form 25 for Renewal of RC of Your Car

 If you want to fill form 25 for renewal of your car RC, you need to follow following steps.

1. Keep your OLD RC card near to you

First of all, you must keep your old rc card near to you. IF it will not near, you will unable to find some information which has mentioned on it. So, find it from your car locker and keep near you.

3. Buy or Download Form 25

Just go to Mini secretariat shop and buy it or download from privahan website

4. Start to Fill

Start to fill it. Never miss to write important information like chissee no. , engine no., type of fuel, engine capacity, seats date of issue etc.

5. Write Accurate without Mistake

Never do any mistake or cutting, it will not accept by transport department. Write clean and accurate. If you do not know any information. Ask in following comment, so, we can help you.

Video Tutorial

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