My 2 Mistakes for Renew of My RC of Car

 I have done two mistakes during making my new RC after renew it. Learn it and never repeat same mistake. This learning will save your money, time and energy.

1st Mistake : Delay for Renew of RC

I delayed for renew of my RC and for this, I paid Rs. 4000 as penalty. Save penalty is also equal to earn money. I lose same money and learned this lesson and here I am teaching you the lesson. Just note on the notepaper when your RC renew time. Your RC expiry date will be shown on your RC old card. Check there and go on the time and just pay fees and tax which was be Rs. 1500, I do not know what is increase but I hope, small increase in it.

2nd Mistake : Not Going Accurate Day for Car Passing

I did not go to transport officer on the time when it has on duty. Wrong day, visiting, waste my time and energy. Never go, go on accurate time. Same day, he will meet you. Just ask same from mini secretariat. It may be 2 or 3 working day of any week. Reach 1/2 before, so, there is good chance, transport officer will check your car and pass it.

Video Tutorial

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