How to Install Fuel Gauge on Car


Fuel gauge is very important device which installed in the petrol tank for calculating actual petrol in petrol tank. To find actual quantity of petrol in the petrol tank is very necessary because it helps to again add petrol before petrol tank will empty. Because it will help us to save the problem of there is no petrol in petrol tank and there is not near the petrol pump. If it will work properly, it will help to show the quantity of petrol % on our meter which is just behind of steering. 

It will show from 0% to 100% from E to F. If you learn this, you can save your Rs. 500 Labour Charges. 

Following are the Main Steps to installing fuel gauge on Car

1. Buy New Gauge 

Different car will be the different gauge. Alto Maruti gauge will different from Zen. So,tell the brand of your car and buy it from market. 

2. Withdraw Old Gauge from Petrol Tank

With help of Jack, open the petrol tank which is below of car near back wheels. 

3. Remove Old Fuel Gauge by Disconnecting its Wire

With current of car, it operates. Disconnect its wire and remove old Fuel Gauge.

4. Add New Fuel Gauge in Petrol Tank and Connect the Wire again it

Now, connect fuel gauge with wire and add it in the fuel tank and attach petrol tank on its proper place.


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