2 Top Tips for New Car Driving Learner

 There are two top tips for new car driving learner.

1st Tip: Keep Driver with youDid you buy new car. Great. Never drive in past. No issue. Driving a car is a skill but without learning any skill and doing same work can danger to you and whole world. You are hurry to try because you have the knowledge of theory of car driving but without practical under training of a professional driver, you can face accident because you did not gain self confidence. For boosting your confidence, we have made pendrive for your virtual driver all time with you, you can buy this pen drive at https://www.krantikari.org/2019/09/car-driving-full-education-course-in.html
2nd Tip: Drive Car in First Gear without DriverYou have learned the first gear, stop car, removing your foot on clutch. Use of brake and use of steering. Now, try driving car yourself without speed on first gear.

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