How to Use Steering for Driving Car in City

Steering is used for control the car. It is in your hand and you can carry car in the direction where you want to carry it. If you can not use the steering properly, it is the chances that you will face accident. So, this video tutorial will explain to use steering for driving car in city.

Following are the Simple Steps to Use Steering for Driving Car in City :-

1st Step : Keep Normal Hand on the Car Steering

Like riding the bike or riding the bicycle, you need to keep hand normal on the car steering. No to hard no to soft rule will apply.

2nd Step : Movement Right and Left is Must

Small movement is must. If you are experienced car driver, you know this skill. If not, learn lots of car driving videos and you can see the professional driver always keep small movement and enjoy the car steering.

3rd Step : Rotation of Steering is Skill

For example, you turn right. Right the steering and then for straight left the steering and then balance the steering straight and car will go forward smoothly.

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