How to Give First Time Car Driving Training to a Girl

If you want to give car driving training to a girl, you need to be careful many things.

Teaching Concept

1st Step : Cover your self with belt in car.

For safety, it is very necessary to train about the use of belt in car. First teach it. Cover yourself the belt and your student will learn about how to cover yourself with belt in car.

2nd Step : Keep foot on the clutch and neutral the gear

It is needed to first foot on the clutch. Sometime, car will in gear and you will start. It will go forward and will do accident without any reason. So best is to foot on clutch and neutral the gear before starting the car. You have to teach same and also take the test of your student.

3rd Step : Hand on Steering

To hand on steering is technique, you have to keep your hand on two of clock and left hand on 50 minutes or 45 minutes. This is best way.

4th Step : Face  On the front of Car

Never see side or back your face. Keep eye on front of car. With this, you can handle the front situations of car in the beginning of learning of car.

5th Step  : Start Car with First Gear

Never teach 2nd or 3rd gear car. Teach always first gear and spend 2 to 4 days on its practice.

6th Step : Remove the Clutch

If car has started and it is in first gear. Slowly remove the clutch and your student will drive in first gear.

7th Step : Balance the Steering During Car Driving

To balance steering during car driving. It should be balanced not fluctuating more than balance.

8th Step : Stop the Car

Now again foot on clutch and press and brake. After this neutral the car and car will stop and you can switch off the car.

Motivational Concept

1st Step : Encourage Girl with Motivational Word

1. You can drive it.
2. It is cycle
3. It is so easy
4. You can improve your mistake
5. I am always near to you to teach you.
6. You should not fear.
7. You are brave

Practical Concept

1st Step : More Clarification  During Practical Driving

2nd Step :  More Improvement of Normal Mistakes of Other Girls During Car Driving

Get Test of Girl

1. Sit on Driving Seat

2. Check where is gear doing mistake.

3. Try to teach concept with different ways.

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